Friday, October 23, 2009

28 Weeks

On Tuesday the 20th we had another follow up appointment with the doctors. Everything is going great, Preston is measuring normal and appears to be right on schedule. I am now going every 2 weeks to the doctor, which means that the weeks are flying by and he'll be here before I know it. I passed my glucose (sugar diabetes test) back on week 25 which was a relief. Unfortunately I had consumed a glass of juice and a rice krispies treat about an hour before and of course the high level of sugar showed up in my urine sample. The doctor just told me to watch the sugar intake but I shouldn't have anything to worry about since I just passed the glucose screening weeks prior. I had major baby brain that morning and should have opted for a healthier meal, especially before visiting the doctors office.

On Thursday the 22nd we had big plans to see Preston in a 4D ultrasound. He must have been excited because he was moving around all day long. I told him that he better cooperate with us later since we had to shell out some $$$ for this experience. The technician told me to drink 20 ounces of water an hour before my appointment. Well like a good girl- I drank more water than normal all day and ended up in the restroom every 40 minutes to empty my bladder. I don't know why she thought a 7month pregnant girl can keep 20 ounces of water down an hour before being prodded with an ultrasound wand.

Preston is currently in the breached position and it was a little hard for the ultrasound tech to get a good image of him at first. It didn't help that he liked to keep his arms/hands in front of his face. Towards the beginning he didn't mind his pictures being taken but at the end, he ended up putting both hands crisscrossed across his face trying to tell her to stop it already.

The technician was wonderful and very patient with us- she didn't have any other appointments after us so our 40 minute appt turned into 1 hr 20 minutes. She let me take a pee break and then another break to drink some OJ and walk around outside for about 10 minutes, hoping he would move positions or atleast move his arms out of the way. It was a really great to get a sneak peak into what he looks like, I'm glad that I'll have the photos to show Preston what he looked like inside the womb when he gets older.(Click Images to View Larger)

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  1. I can already tell...he is a cutie! Can not wait to meet him!!!!!