Monday, October 19, 2009

We have passed the 12 week mark!

This is from an email that I sent out after our 12wk appointment:

Some of you may or may not know that I am PREGNANT. And now that I’m at least 12wks along we are spreading the word- no more keeping quiet! To update to ones that weren’t aware- Jeremy has nicknamed our unborn child Optimus Prine after Optimus Prime from Transformers, some of you have called her Opey thinking it’ll be a girl, but by the looks of some of the photos I think he is a boy (break out the magnify glasses or zoom feature).
I went this morning for our Ultra screen Exam which went well- (it screens for chromosomal abnormalities, etc) they used the abdominal ultrasound this time and it was hard to see the baby because apparently my uterus is tilted and more in the back – the photos from this session are a total blur (the doctor said it will move to the front in a week or two and I’ll be showing more at that time). Then the nurse brought us in to try and hear the heartbeat, she was unsuccessful and brought in another nurse to try and help get a fetal heartbeat. Both nurses weren’t able to since my uterus is tilted and back further, so the doctor came in and tried his hand at it… he was able to hear movements and a few flutters but nothing to relive us so he offered a trans-vaginal ultrasound. Once we got moved into another room for the 3rd time- we got hooked up to the vaginal ultrasound. Everything was perfect (sigh of relief)! We were able to see his heart beating normally and he kept moving his arms/feet around like he was playing soccer or dancing- it amazing. The doctor was able to get 4 photos during this time.

is an upside down shot of his hand and back and leg (notice the little bump under his butt- not sure if it’s his manhood or a little tail).

This is of his head at the bottom and his arms and body.

This shot is of his head and arms (I think)...

His whole body, head, arms and feet.

We have our next appointment on August 4th at 9:15am for our 17wk check up and our anatomy ultrasound (do we think it’s pink or blue??? We think blue). I’ll update again at that time unless anything else happens and I’ll try to post some pre baby pictures and baby growing pictures as we go. We appreciate the prayers and support and can’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy!
God Bless

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