Monday, October 19, 2009

Our 25th week Check-Up

Optimus and I went to the doctors office this morning (9/29/09) for our 25th week check up. All is well, my weight is perfect, he is growing right on schedule and no problems to date. I had to take the glucose screening this morning and drink a highly nasty sugary drink an hour before they drew blood- if I don’t hear back in the following week then all is normal, if I hear back from them- I’ve got to go in for another screening, this time for 3 hours. I’m pretty sure all is well, so I’m not too worried.

Jeremy, my mom and I went to Baptist South Hospital last night for a Hospital Tour and Registration. It really puts everything into perspective when you turn in insurance forms, filled out birth certificate documentation (expect the blank spot for his name) and sign a bunch of patient info documents. The hospital is brand new and really nice- no one should get lost trying to make their way around the hospital, really easy to find. The maternity suites are nice and roomy and I’ll hang out, go through labor/delivery and post recovery all in the same room- won’t leave until we go home. They don’t have any visiting hours nor have a limit on people allowed to visit. The only rule is no children until the age of 6 allowed in the labor/delivery ward- especially with the flu and other virus’ going around.

Jeremy and I will meet the pediatrician this Thursday evening for a New Parenting class, where we tour the office, meet w/ one of the doctors and go over vaccinations requirements and basic newborn care and any questions we should have. The pediatrician will come to the hospital after delivery and perform the initial checkup along w/ the hospital staff. We also start a 5wk Childbirth Class next Tuesday Oct. 6th from 6:30-9:30pm , every Tues until Nov. 3rd- it should be really interesting! And then we will also do a CPR class on Nov. 23rd for infants/toddlers.

Going shopping for the day w/ my Mom @25wks

Running Errands around town @25wks

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